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Soundttracker is an application for listening to music with many social options, an wide range of songs and a very visual and attractive design.

If you are looking for an application to escucha new music or share your radio with other people, Soundtracker is an excellent choice.

Varied and free music

Unlike other online music applications, Soundtracker is free. It is advisable to register in order to enjoy all of your social options, but it is optional.

In addition to listening to the radios of other users, you can create and share your own radios with friends, via Facebook, Twitter or Foursquare. So if you want to find users nearby radios: will see radios created near where you are.

Choose radio, put on the headphones and enjoy up to 22 million songs of all kinds.

Good design, proper controls

Among the options of Soundtracker, the application known for some controls very simple and fast. Share or add radio stations to the home screen are always at hand. Furthermore, the design of the application is also very attractive.

Looking for music

Soundtracker is different from many other applications in its category. Even if it ends up being a way to be always available and varied music, social options, and the option to create and share your own stations make it special.

  • Many songs
  • Attractive design
  • It allows you to anchor radios to the main screen
  • Find radios created near you
  • You can not choose specific songs
  • Mixtures of artists are somewhat strange

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