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Star Wars: Tiny Death Star is a game of strategy and building, designed by the creator of Tiny Tower along with LucasArts.

The real estate Empire strikes back

In Star Wars: Tiny Death Star, Darth Vader has become a real estate developer, hatching a plan to take over the Galaxy create a New death star.

His plan is to create a space station as if it were a several-storey building consisting of housing, shops, business and recreation centers. Using the profits from these commercial activities, the villain's sinister helmet may finance the fighting and the offensive to end once and for all with the rebels.

Build and conquer

The style of game Star Wars: Death Star Tiny is very similar to Tiny Tower. You start with a basic building and you must build new plants, which can be residential, commercial or recreational services. In Star Wars: Tiny Death Star, added storey Imperial, that will allow you to enjoy missions related to the Star Wars universe.

After you have built the floors for homes, they will begin to get your "Bitizens" and you must offer them appropriate in your shops work taking into account their skills. The Bitizens will inform you if they are not happy through great "Holonet", the social network of the inhabitants of your death star.

To build more plants in your building of Star Wars: Death Star Tiny, need to spend credits, which are obtained through your stores. The currency of the game is called "Imperial Bux", which serves to accelerate the construction and ordering of products for your business. The Imperial Bux can be obtained by completing missions, but quickly you will notice that you can not enjoy fully of Star Wars: Death Star Tiny unless you're willing to spend real money or to endure long waits.

You can also spend the money of the game elevators, special apartments, real of the Star Wars universe characters and much more.

The death star in the Palm of your hand

Don't need to be a genius to understand how Star Wars: Death Star Tiny, especially If you've already played a Tiny Tower. Construction options are well indicated and icons Flash on the screen to draw your attention (in general, for questions relating to product your store orders). An activity that you do manually is to operate the elevator, so that when a character you can direct you to the floor you want. If you do not, it is possible to lose customers and even potential inhabitants.

The return of the franchise

The Star Wars license has been used in a huge number of games over the years, being the most recent case, Angry Birds Star Wars. Star Wars: Tiny Death Star takes advantage of the franchise, showing many of the classic characters in the universe of Star Wars.

To show only a pixelated image and simplified, sometimes they are not so easy to recognize, but in general the effect is nice and cosy. Films music also forms part of the game, since different themes of the soundtrack have been reworked and sound like background music.


Star Wars fans will have much fun with Star Wars: Tiny Death Star. However, those who have already tried a Tiny Tower perhaps feel a little disappointed, given that the style of play has not evolved too.

  • Super graphics
  • Great music in the elevator, created from the soundtrack of Star Wars
  • Very easy to play
  • Lots of characters, business and kinds of floors
  • The gameplay does not change too much on Tiny Tower
  • The repetition becomes frustrating from time to time

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