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Survivalcraft is an adventure of building and survival very much in the line of the now famous Minecraft, but you can play with your mobile WP7.

The approach of Survivalcraft is the same as that of the original PC: in this case you're abandoned on an island and you have to collect materials and manufacture all kinds of objects that survive and thrive with them.

Survivalcraft is operated by the lower corners to move and look, as well as virtual buttons to open the inventory, Crouch and other actions. It is not a very comfortable control but what can one expect from a game of this type.

As for the graphics, Survivalcraft is also too inspired by Minecraft, whose design based on cubes and even textures has been taken to the letter. That Yes, it seems that some objects and characters are not: enemies and tools are missing from the original that weigh down something experience.

  • Very similar to Minecraft mobile
  • Good graphics
  • It includes objects processing Guide
  • Imprecise controls
  • Shortage of enemies and elements of survival

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I cheated?: They deduced I 696 weights of my account code 283, and will continue to charge me the same every day and at the end I could not download the application. Is there any solution?

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Gun Bros

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Two brothers, much gunpowder and non stop action

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