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Temple Run is a infinite career game for Windows Phone in which you control an adventurer who tries to escape from hordes of monkeys psychopaths who pursue him.

Run to save his skin

"Run Forrest!" The famous phrase from the movie Forrest Gump goes to or painted the protagonist of Temple Run. In the game, our hero must do just that: run and run without a break.

But why? To escape from the jungle. In this hostile universe type Indiana Jones will have to jump, glide, and well take the cruvas to avoid crashing into obstacles or falling into the void.

Temple run, your reflexes and speed are put to the test. In addition, will have to achieve a number of objectives to advance: collect coins scattered on the road, to get a certain amount of points, unlock characters, etc...

It is very important to collect coins. They are the key to get super powers that will help you run faster, jump faster or enjoy a few seconds of invincibility.

An incredibly addictive game

The game system can not be easier: slide your finger up, down and sideways to jump, glide and turn, respectively.

In addition, to add incentives, Temple Run keeps all the statistics of your games and lets you share them via Twitter.

Nice and sound

Temple Run is an addictive game with graphics of beautiful invoice. The rhythms of the tam-tam and the brief cutscenes of the most home get into the action in a very successful way.

You can not stop running

Temple Run those games is that they hook from minute one. Kill you, back to start, kill you and you return to start, so until you realize that you've reached the end of the metro line and have to turn around. That Yes, eventually becomes tiring.

  • Addictive
  • Easy to play
  • Improvements for each character
  • Several characters to choose
  • It may be monotonous
  • Start again each time

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