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Get ready to experience a trip to a fantastic and strange world with this unique and amazing game, Tentacles: Enter the Mind. It's a new installment of the famous game multiplatform Tentacles: Enter the Dolphin, with the same characters, but with a different lead developer.

Only for Windows Phone... at the moment

Shop Windows is very light applications, compared to Apple's App Store and Google Play and still lacks great titles as Candy Crush. This has led to a problem of numerous copies and a lack of quality applications. This explains that the thrill of having a decent game like Tentacles: Enter the Mind has reached a Windows Phone before Android or iOS.

While Tentacles: Enter the Mind is created by Press Play; Microsoft Studios is listed as official developer and this North American company has been promoting this game on their blogs. This means that the game is capturing attention and Neowin has gone beyond, describing it as "the best game that is for Windows Phone."

In the mind of a madman

With Tentacles: Enter the Mind, ahondarás in the sick mind of Dr Phluff, stuffing you eyes to move through the levels, which have names like Ego, Libido and Paranoia and hysteria. So you can imagine the mind that Dr Phluff has. You will play with Lemmy the tentacle, negotiating with him throughout the levels, collecting coins and eggs until it reaches a safe place in the brain. As you collect coins and eggs, you can expand your powers and improve your health to die more slowly.

What stands out from Tentacles: Enter the Mind is their concept. It is very well thought out and is very imaginative, with such a level of detail in the game that could be the storyboard of a film. When I started to play Tentacles: Enter the Mind, not impressed its playability, but began to like it more and more, as more aspects are introduced and became more complex. Still, isn't the most interesting game that have played the game in life.

It seems that you are inside

The controls work as well in Tentacles: Enter the Mind that it almost seems that you are watching a demo or in automatic. You have to give hints to scroll and a touch more to eat the eyes. Sometimes you do not get to the next platform or you sink into something and you stay trapped, but it is part of the fun.

Zany graphics

In Tentacles: Enter the Mind, music is pretty flipante, but fun. Graphics3D are impressive, with clear and bright colors, and all foreign objects are very well defined. Looks like a mix between Alice in the Wonderland and a rare dream after having binged cheese in the evening.

More style that substance?

I believe that that "this has been developed before Windows Phone than for Android or iPhone" and the lack of games in the store's Windows Phone compared to Google Play or App Store has increased the middle of criticism from users for Tentacles: Enter the Mind. On the one hand, it is original, and is very well have a new game that is not a copy of anything other than already by itself was mediocre; by another, it is a bit boring and repetitive.

In general, it is probably the game more peculiar and best Windows Phone Shop and all Windows Phone users should try it. Compared to the games on all platforms, Tentacles: Enter the Mind can compete in design and concept, not just in gameplay.

  • Extraordinary graphics
  • Natural controls that respond
  • Fascinating plot
  • Excellent design and concept
  • Repetitive
  • Difficult to collect enough coins

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