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The Amazing Spider-Man is the official game of the movie of the same name released in 2012. A spectacular action game that takes the man spider as a protagonist and that squeezes the maximum capacity of the phones with Windows Phone 8.

Exploration and constant action

In The Amazing Spider-Man, the action takes place on the streets of Manhattan. To scroll through them you can do it walking, jumping or using your spider webs.

The game combines exploration with action melee. The bulk of these actions are battles against various enemies which you can make use of ranged attacks, combos and a wide variety of movements, which, in turn, you can get better.

The Amazing Spider-Man has 25 missions developed in the 5 districts of Manhattan.

Great playability, but controls could be improved

In the first game to The Amazing Spider-Man costs a bit hit with control of movement of Spiderman since the virtual joystick is not all need should be to move in a 3D world. But after 5 minutes you get used.

Despite this appearance, the gameplay of The Amazing Spider-Man is notable. Spiderman has a variety of movements and skills easy to run using touch-sensitive controls.

Are you sure that is a game for mobile?

The Amazing Spider-Man makes to rethink to where you will be able to get the games for mobile.

Obviously, the technical level is lower than other versions of the game for console, but still it is spectacular: fully 3D world, shading and trabajadisimos Visual effects, animations... fluid the graphic appearance is remarkable.

The sound aspect of The Amazing Spider-Man, in turn, accompanies the perfection.

Nothing to envy his older brothers

The Amazing Spider-Man is a great game for phones with Windows Phone 8. Its graphic appearance is excellent, the game is long and has a wide variety of missions.

The only question posed to us by the game is behave in low-end terminals.

  • Amazing graphics
  • Variety of missions
  • Range of motion
  • Very entertaining fights
  • 25 missions
  • Movement of the difficult character at the beginning

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