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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is a game of action and cobwebs starring our favorite spider hero.

The friendly neighborhood on your mobile

The Amazing Spider-Man 2, based on the film of the same name, is an open-world adventure which enhances the gameplay of the first part. You columpiarás you through the streets of New York while complete the goals of the different chapters.

The action in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is essentially sliding across the city with your cobwebs fall on your enemies and kick them back, or to help people in trouble.

It also offers secondary missions that allow you to obtain credit to buy items or unlock new skills. Despite being a game of pay, perhaps you find yourself forced to use real money - or otherwise you will have to complete several times the same secondary missions (grinding) - to defeat certain opponents.

In The Amazing Spider-Man 2 are many of the most famous enemies in comic books and films, including Electro, Venom and Green Goblin. Stories of each chapter are very well organized around the cruel activities of a villain in particular, so solo mode is really fun. Secondary missions are fun at first, but quickly become repetitive and somewhat tedious, which is frustrating, because you must complete them to earn credits.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 features an mode Arena full of fun and accessible to all, where you must defeat as many enemies as you can before you die. You can compare your achievements online and there are even available prizes valued in the currency of the game.

Controlling our hero

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 controls are very simple, especially if you've already played the first installment of the game. The left part of the screen functions as a remote control, allowing you to move to Spiderman in the desired direction, while the right side controls the perspective of the camera.

Button to jump also has the function of controlling the cobwebs, that allows you to fly over skyscrapers and they are the easiest to move. It's fun, when you know how to do it, since learning to balance with cobwebs requires your time and change direction while you're in the air is particularly complex.

In The Amazing-Spider-Man 2 fighting pressing three action buttons. By pressing them at the same time you can launch deadly combos, and incorporate new movements constantly to improve the skills of Spiderman.

Just like in the movies

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 has a beautiful presentation and feels like a classic superhero console game. The same man spider is very well designed and presents fantastic animations, both to fly through the skies as launching against their enemies.

Although their scenarios are not as detailed as the Grand Theft Auto saga, the size and the diversity of New York deployed in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 version are frankly spectacular.

The band sound, own a movie, fits perfectly with the action and the voice actors represent a great improvement compared to the first installment of the game. The protagonist spontaneous comments give evidence of his character subtle and ingenious, but quickly begin to recur, and what at first was entertaining becomes a nuisance.

The technical performance of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is not all perfect. The frequency of frames per second occasionally descended, and the game suffers delays (lag) when many characters appear on the screen at the same time. In addition, the level of demand on the battery of the device is very high.

The Amazing-Spider-Man 2 requires that you're connected to the Internet all the time, an increasingly common requirement among the modern games for mobile devices. Unfortunately, during our test, we experienced several problems of connection, which blocked the game or prevented it was loaded correctly. This seems to be a common complaint among users and hopefully that Gameloft has resolved it in the near future.

Ideal for fans of Marvel

Despite its peculiarities, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 will leave fascinated fans of comics and Spiderman films. However, some users will not be agreed, for reasons totally understandable, to use real money to advance and unlock objects in a set of payment.

  • Excellent graphics
  • Film soundtrack
  • Solo mode is fun
  • The fighting are simple and entertaining
  • It allows you to fight against other users in Arena mode
  • Secondary missions are a little tedious
  • Technical problems in the performance
  • The comments of the Spider-man are repetitive and annoying

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