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Free Sims is a free version of the popular EA life Simulator. The game lets you take control of your own city and its inhabitants.

A new sim comes to town

Your adventure in the free Sims starts by choosing a sim already predesigned or customizing one from scratch. In addition to choose your look can choose you a personality trait (crazy, creative, romantic, geek, etc...)

Once you've created your character, the free Sims transports you to a new home where the game begins. Although there are many options available, the control interface is very easy to use. With a pinch on the screen using the zoom and you can turn the screen keeping fingers on it and turning it.

16 sims in real time

The first tasks you will do in the Sims free serve as a tutorial to understand the basics of the game and understand how the system of money and experience.

It should take into account that the free Sims, who works with micro-payments, is a game that is completely different from the full version of iOS. Free your sim life runs in real time and the business model is based on your pay to speed up processes or usas simoleons (sim currency) to purchase or upgrade things of the game.

This aspect of the Sims free real-time can be frustrating and you can become bored, especially when your sim sleep! As a counterpoint to this, keep in mind that you can control up to 16 sims at the same time, so normally there will always be something to do.

In addition, its last major update, The Sims Freeplay include a New Castle in which you can make you dwell your real family. Life in the Court will give you more hours of fun, either as a King or Queen idle as part of his retinue; for example, as a buffoon.

The free Sims has a graphic section with many details, their world is very well designed and the animations are fluid. The music is quiet and relaxing and you can even change it the song that sounds at that moment if you interact with the mini of your House in the game.

Live lives of others

The truth is that it is a little uncomfortable having to be always connected to the internet to play the free Sims. But aside from this aspect, are a game of the most entertaining, in a good way, living a life outside, escape from the hustle and bustle of life itself for a while.

  • You can create up to 16 characters
  • Very simple control
  • Good graphics
  • It requires continuous connection to the Internet

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