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The new incarnation of Flappy Bird has taken the body of a lumberjack in Timberman and zas zas of his axe has proven to be as addictive as the flapping of the bird.

Cut non-stop

Like many addictive games, Timberman has a style of play very fast and easy: you must cut a tree while you dodge the branches that fall above. You are located at the base of a huge tree, with which you will be obliged to go left and right to avoid that the branches you chafen, but do not overdo: timer progresses, so a few quick reflexes help you go beyond. The faster you go, the more time you win.

While the infinite tree goes down, you'll go up in level almost without noticing. Unlike that Flappy Bird, there is more incentive to the improve your own score: with points you can unlock new characters including a hockey player named Flockery, a gentleman of the name Sir Tim or Jason from the Friday the 13thfilm.

A game that does not expire

You may need a few quick games to suit you at all, but Timberman doesn't trick: give a hint to the left or right to move from one side to the other tree. If you run out of time or you get a branch, you die instantly, but it is almost impossible and easy - no - recover and start a new game.

There are many more options in Timberman, aside from a table of classifications, a list of feats (unlocking characters) and sharing on social networks. Advertising appears frequently, but (luckily) only between items.

Retro roots

The pixelated graphics and music retro stick with Timberman perfectly, although the sound of axe becomes annoying over time (anything that can not be fix to lower the volume).

Background changes to a different forest every time you start a game, which adds a point of variety to a fairly static game.


This new version of the popular Flappy Bird brings a new perspective to the countless number of clones available. Cut a little charcoal with Timberman is the perfect way to relieve stress (or get stressed out more!)

  • Simple controls
  • Fun and retro graphics
  • Addictive gameplay
  • Annoying advertising
  • Annoying sound effects

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