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Tom love letters, the famous Talking Tom talking cat decides to lend you a hand and help you to declare your feelings to the person that you like. Finally and after you've helped Tom repeatedly, will leave you to return the favor?

Say it with cards

Valentine's day is approaching and want your love to know what you feel for him or her? Or do you think that the time to be honest now? It's a hard situation. Tom knows this and therefore offers you the opportunity to create your personal love card: in letters of love of Talking Tom you have 19 romantic cards to send to your loved ones, and you can put the message that you want!

Talking Tom love letters includes more entertainment. For example you can interact with Tom and Angela; depends on where you touch them different actions will be. You can also pass the time listening to a few along.

Talking Tom love letters is very easy to use, especially if you're a fan of apps of this nice cat. The app records perfectly touches that you give them to the gatetes to interact with them or to customize the card.

The only thing that missing are more animations. Many of them recycled from previous apps or are too orthopedic. Talking Tom love letters is a generator of potential love stories! We need more expressiveness.

Talking Tom love letters shows the same friendliness and good vibes from the rest of apps from Talking Tom, only that now adds love to his winning formula. Let your skepticism aside and allows a virtual cat help you lose the fear to express what you really feel in your interior.

  • Creates love cards
  • Cuckoo and buenrollista
  • Talking Tom needs to be renewed

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It controls what you spend if you're pepephone

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