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Top Truck Free is a great truck Monster for Windows Phone game, in which your goal is to arrive at the end of each level, bypassing whatever missing and collecting the maximum number of possible bonus.

A single game mode, more than enough

Top Truck Free just a game mode, but needs more to have fun. This mode is the typical way in which you must be surpassing levels to access the next. In its trial version, Top Truck offers 10 levels in a unique world, sand.

As you progress, can go to unlocking new cars, just keeping differences.

Careful physical and affordable controls

Top Truck Free play style is similar to that offered by the typical motocross games: on the one hand control tilt, acceleration of the vehicle and on the other in order to overcome obstacles.

Top Truck Free offers two modes for controlling the tilting: using a button on the screen or by tilting the phone. Whatever method you choose, from the first moment you do with control of the car and you can start to enjoy the game.

The physical game is their main asset. And, as such, it is very well worked.

Hot music and correct graphics

Top Truck Free graphic aspect is correct, one is expected for a game of this type. Movements are fluid and scenarios have their role. That Yes, the effects of destroying cars could be a little more successful.

Music, rock hard, okay the first 20 seconds, from which begins to tire.

Fun and cane in equal parts

Top Truck Free is a great game. Achieved its purpose, which is the staff to have fun and get the batteries. Also of those games that you engage and take you to a game after another.

  • Neat physics
  • Very funny
  • Addictive
  • The car design
  • Repetitive music
  • The cars have no differences from control

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