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Track Runner comes packed with great tools to improve your results, regardless of the form that you are, and your skills.


The long list of options offered by Track Runner can be overwhelming if you're not a regular runner. If control of cardio, analysis steps and travel statistics you sounds more like duties that training, not to worry, that there's also something for beginners.

Track Runner makes you a follow up whenever you go to run, so you can keep a diary of all sessions. This helps you plan for future workouts, and to go win experience, will begin to use the best tools of the app: times for flights, weather forecast that you will need for a career and training by interval.

Ready, set...

Interface clear and simple Track Runner lets you browse all the options beyond wherever you go.

This also helps you to plan the route. If you define the path before you start, you can see distance, elevation and weather to make sure that you take you throughout the game to the session.

Audio notes are a good addition to the clear interface. The audio can be very practical as you run, since they allow you to focus on running and not on the phone.


TrackRunner is a great tool that accompanies you with the workout routines. It has so many features that it might be disconcerting. Luckily, you have a so easy and simple interface that helps you to get you going quickly and used the more advanced options to improvements.

  • Great training tool
  • Many different options
  • The journal encourages you to work more
  • You have to run
  • Cardio elements need a monitor

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