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If going on vacation and worried thinking how are you going to find the train station, ask how much it costs a beer and ask for the account at the end of a meal, Translator With Speech will come in very well.

Wide variety of languages

Translator With Speech, you have to say or type the phrase, and the application will translate it and will deliver the translated phrase (usually with the voice of a native). It has a wide range of languages (54, at this time); It has language widespread, such as English, German, French, Italian and simplified Chinese, but it also includes languages regional or less spoken, such as Belarusian, Galician or Haitian Creole.

However, it is not limited to translate from English to another language, they can translate from any of the available languages into another language; for example, of the Bulgarian to Chinese. You can also download common phrases and save previous translations for use without internet connection, which will save you paying roaming when you're abroad.

It also offers the option of publishing your phrases translated into social networks, but neither do I know very well what this is. Can that for which your friends Aware of that you know to say "where is the train station?" in afrikaans? Translation can also be sent via message or email.

Good voice recognition

With Translator With Speech, most of the people may be an idea of what you're trying to say, but there are some phrases that are translated literally and others for which there is no translation. For example, when translating into French a phrase with "bread and butter" (bread and butter), this expression is maintains as in the original (you can see this example in the screenshots). They have yet to fix these errors and work to get translations more natural or colloquial expressions, rather than literal translations. However, it is simple and easy to use.

The system's voice recognition is pretty good (even with regional accents), although sometimes appears an error message saying that it has not recognized what has been said.

The problem is that there are already various programs translation by voice and Translator With Speech offers nothing new or unique so it stands out. Google Translate, for example, allows you to write or say the text that you want to translate, and offers a greater variety of languages.

Solid translation tool

Translator With Speech is a handy tool when you're on vacation and need basic help with the language. It is not at all a perfect translation tool, since the standard of translation varies and there are some errors. In addition, it lacks a unique selling point that makes you choose this application rather than others that are on the market.

  • Selection of languages
  • Good voice recognition
  • Common phrases you can download for use offline
  • It has some errors in the translations
  • The quality of the translations

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