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Tumblr for Windows Phone allows you to share text, photos, videos, audio and more from your blog with tumblr. You can also use the application to discover interesting content from other users of Tumblr.

What is this Tumblr?

The version of Tumblr for Windows Phone is very similar to the iOS and Androidversions. The app lets you share text, photos, quotes, links, conversations and video at the moment with other Tumblr users.

Tumblr for Windows Phone has a section where you can see your personal page of tumblr and access other pages, as well as a function to explore allowing you to discover new content based on a number of issues.

The Management section allows you to view information about your account. You can also activate a feature that displays the latest Tumblr images on the screen of the phone (is great) lock.

According to its authors, the dynamic mosaic should show new content, but during our testing has not worked.

Is it easy to use?

You will cost nothing caught her trick to Tumblr, since it is very easy to use and is very in keeping with the philosophy of the microblogging, agility when it comes to publish and share-based.

With a simple touch on the screen, you can start a new post. Then add you whatever you want (text, photo, links, etc...) and public it.

See content is just as easy since the app has a handy search function.

Great design

Both the design and the operation of the version of Tumblr for Windows Phone are simply great. In fact, works better than iOS or Android.

The only downside we've seen you is that during tests some multimedia contents gave error when loading. A pity, because the rest is excellent.

Lovers of microblogging: for her

The final conclusion is that this Tumblr app is the best choice to manage your Tumblr. What still not what you are using? Then it's a good excuse to start to do it and get hooked to this micro-blogging.

  • Attractive design
  • Very easy to use
  • It allows to customize the lock screen
  • The Explore feature allows you to discover new content
  • The dynamic mosaic doesn't work
  • Errors to display content multimedia

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