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TuneWiki is a powerful song lyrics finder that lets you find and read the texts of the songs at the same time that you are hearing them.

Using his lyrics, TuneWiki offers a very new way of enjoying the music. Whether it's with the music in your library in Android, while you hear your stations on ShoutCast or LasFM or at the time you see video clips on Youtube, TuneWiki is able to find the lyrics of the song you hear and show them synchronized with the music.

TuneWiki seeks letters both in the original language of the song as possible translations to your language. You can find the texts looking for group either by typing a fragment of the song.

The program takes into account your location to find, for example, the charts of your country, or even a sound map with what sounds more in every place on the planet.

Some functions are not fully operational and the database is growing but TuneWiki progresses rapidly and is already a program more than full for music lovers.

  • Powerful lyrics search engine
  • Playback synchronized with the letters
  • It allows to find the Spanish translations
  • It also works with videos
  • It integrates players to ShoutCast and LastFm
  • You can't find all the letters
  • Still in development
  • Some problems of instability

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Newma: XD, is the best thing in radio online for cell phone since it is the most strong, has hundreds of musical genres from around the world and thousands of stations to tune, also keeps you organized your music library, and other carectiristicas more. It works great on my Nokia 5530


N 97, does not work!: I installed it, it worked fine the first time, I closed it, I tried it again and did not return to run. The first time worked great, a little slow, but it worked, but not ran more, not even open.


(S60 3rd + 5th) 2.2

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