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Viber is a total communication application. It will allow you to talk to your friends by WiFi or 3 G with good sound quality, as well as chat and send instant messages with text, pictures, stickers, and more,

In addition, available for PC and Mac desktop and option to buy credit and call any phone number.

Call and chat with one of the most complete apps

Unlike WhatsApp and similar, Viber began already focusing on calls, more similar to Skype. Currently, it has merged both land and is one of the prominent in both functions.

As for calls, you have two options. The first is to use Viber to call other users of the application via VoIP. One of the advantages of Viber is that it is cross-platform, version for most mobile devices and also for PC and Mac.

The second option is to use a system similar to that also use Skype. In this case, Viber Out is a system through which you can buy credit with real money to call any mobile or fixed in the world.

IM mixed functions of two of the greats in its category: LINE and WhatsApp. Viber provides the classic options of send messages, emoticons, videos, location... as well as the funny stickers, so popular on LINE or sending to groups of up to 100 participants.

Other interesting options of Viber are drawings, type walkie-talkie messages sending or shipping location. Of all.

How does Viber?

You only have to specify your phone number so Viber identify you as a user. After receiving confirmation, you can create your list of contacts. The idea is as follows: whenever one of your contacts install Viber, is automatically added to your list of Viber and, if you have Internet access, you can now call you free of charge.

The design of the application is attractive and, in general, is very intuitive. It is also translated to the Spanish.

An excellent choice

If you are looking for a communication that will allow you to do everything Viber application is one of the best options: messages, videos, called up... little more can be ordered. As in other similar cases, the success of Viber will depend on great way to its popularity and acceptance of the users. At the moment, is among the greats.

  • Very good sound quality
  • Very easy to configure
  • Calls to all over the world
  • Call quality indicator
  • It allows sending of text messages
  • Stability problems

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Viber reviews


Seek to overcome competition: You should change the tone for incoming call in iOS, this is why today the desintalare

riCar SoL

Viber t allows you to save on your calls or messages.: If you have data account on the terminal phone or WiFi, great coverage! It allows you to make x internet calls and send messages to other users with Viber installed on your terminal.

quien me explica

They charge for making calls from mexico to United States: I install it but they charged me... check my state of balance and frame me a deal I made the call and went up, my phone is an iphone and my family is a spring and it is assumed that we have the same application... viber charge... or not? How to install or register the phone to not charge... or another application that will make calls and do not charge anyone know?


I do not work: I installed it, like my mother, and when we call or knock out any contact with viber on your phone we cannot speak; While she calls me, I descuelgo but she keeps running you ringtone (the & quot; whistles & quot; the line when you call)...With my boyfriend is the same, but if can talk with some friends when they call it through viber... why you may be not work me? have system amdroid and internet...

Celmira Narvaez

I can not make calls and hard work translate to Spanish: I can't make calls and the translation to the Spanish do not take


vayaaaa vayaa, free calls between Iphones! or not is if other mobiles... : Good I like I downloaded the app for the Iphone I do not know if it is for other mobile operating systems. The application is to call free. The receiver must have the same application and the environment is the same when you do a llamada(distinto color y señal de llamada). In principle was investigating if there was a surprise in the invoice but nadaa... are free calls between the same application. This makes us see that in the future we will only hire data plans. Since there is another application for sending free sms between the same terminals...


It is the future.: I'm with pepephone and have a rate of internet 7 euros and 500 megs a month, 3 cents per mega time spend 500 megs, and as you use wifi almost not you eat, who said that it would be one of the first versions, only with 3 g, to my going with wifi, and nothing that charge as an sms. I hope they take out a version for any mobile is whatsapp, with only iphone case I have two friends, with the only rest the whatsapp I'm worth.


my opinion...: Because I don't want to be the black sheep... but the times I've used it, I had to hang up and call the normal line, since the sound quality was terrible!


I rectify comment! Possible collection of call via sms.: Because until today I looked and nothing in my company virtual invoice was not included. Now yes, messaging section...appear the numbers I called as if you had sent a message to me. Not be if charge those sms since I made a couple of short calls...better than the consult before using the application reliably.


Very practical with very good sound: Advise it I have two iphone and we nearly always communicate with viber, only that you have to have 3G to work


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Calls and free video calls are passed to iOS7

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Free calls to your Facebook contacts

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Voice calls and video calls to any screen

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Messages and free calls over the Internet, what's new in Telefónica

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