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Waze is an original application designed to facilitate travel by car through the information of the users themselves.

Note: Selected best app of the year at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona (MWC) 2013.

Driving social

Half way between social network and GPS Navigator, Waze thrives on data contributing members of their communities and societies. The goal is to have first hand information on, for example, traffic accidents, problems in the road or any relevant information for which you use the car.

The Waze community has in groups one of its strengths.You can join groups of drivers who tend to make your same journey, connect with your friends when you make a journey together, etc. Waze also has systems of points that give you also a leisure component to the Foursquare style.

Besides knowing the incidences in real-time, Waze also functions as a correct GPS Navigator to find routes to your destination.

Use with caution

As all the tools aimed at use in the car, we recommend caution when it comes to use Waze.

The driver makes the road

Even though it requires the participation of the users, Waze concept is innovative and a breath of fresh air in social applications.

Browsers have improved much, now it's turn to something else.

  • Innovative idea
  • You can join groups of users
  • Navigation assisted on map in 3D
  • Integrated with Foursquare
  • Its effectiveness depends on the users in your area
  • It may be a red herring while driving

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