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WhatsApp will serve to send instant text messages as well as images, video and audio using the Internet connection of your smartphone.

Powerful and comprehensive alternative to SMS messages

WhatsApp Messenger replaces the traditional SMS by a system of free and instant messages via 3 G or WiFi.

In its version for Windows Phone 8, WhatsApp shows a new menu style Metro, notifications on the lock screen and the possibility of sending mass messages, as well as an option for backup.

In WhatsApp, speak with your friends in the style of a classic chat. You can do it with either a person or several at the same time thanks to their groups up to 30 people. A good way to save on messages and to communicate quickly and effectively.

As for their options, WhatsApp Messenger allows sending of photos, audio files and videos. In addition, you can share a map with your location or contact details.

Finally, the emoticons are a fundamental and part of the most popular discussions of WhatsApp.

How does it work?

To take advantage of WhatsApp Messenger is missing that both you and the receiver have the application installed. Once you install the app on your phone, you can see which of your contacts using WhatsApp and begin to talk to them.

It must be clarified that while sending messages is free, the application is grais during the first year, after which it is necessary to pay a fee of $0.99 per year.

The most widely used, do the best?

That WhatsApp Messenger is the best in its category is more than debatable. It may not be it, apps like LINE have interesting options that do not exist in WhatsApp Messenger.

However, the strong point of WhatsApp Messenger is its great popularity. In implementation of its characteristics, it is essential that users will adopt it and therefore WhatsApp is still the number one.

A success story

There are similar, even better applications. But WhatsApp is the example of an application that has managed to reach the public and provide an interesting effectively.

What's new in the latest version

Wallpaper talksLists to send messages to multiple destinatatiosPrivacy settingsSettings for automatic downloading of photos and videosCustomizable notification ringtonesSeveral improvements and solutions to errors

  • Free sending of short messages
  • Cross-platform
  • Supports multimedia submissions
  • Metro style menu
  • Notifications on the lock screen
  • The receiver you need to install the application

WhatsApp screenshots and videos

WhatsApp reviews


There are best.: Mmmm, throws error messages, lately it is updated often, but do not notice these updates.


Very bad: runs bad, especially the 2.8. Android and Iphone, it works very well, but Windows phone bad, is as if doing on purpose


Better is the latest version but still missing functions and has flaws.: version goes a little better although still much to Polish, for example, when you send us some images download the first and the second is not downloaded, you have to exit the application and re-enter. Also need to be able to send and to save videos and music files. They should improve the speed of the application, especially when you enter the application, which removed the background that green coming at the beginning because it is bad, do not hit anything. Notifications fail a little, to my they come to me when sent me it, the problem is that sometimes I get the notification to the half-hour having yet seen the message when I arrived 30 minutes ago, they are small bugs but can sometimes be annoying. A greeting


Fatal-2.8.0 for windows phone: It is really a deplorable update the 2.8.0 for windows phone. I'd like to go back to the previous version; still poor, it was much more efficient.


Update it now!: in my opinion needs to be renewed and updated already, it is very simple don't have emoticons.We want a whatsapp more current!

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