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WhatsApp will serve to send instant text messages as well as images, video and audio using the Internet connection of your smartphone.

Powerful and comprehensive alternative to SMS messages

WhatsApp Messenger replaces the traditional SMS by a system of free and instant messages via 3 G or WiFi.

In WhatsApp, speak with your friends in the style of a classic chat. You can do it with either a person or several at the same time thanks to their groups up to 30 people. A good way to save on messages and to communicate quickly and effectively.

As for their options, WhatsApp Messenger allows sending of photos, audio files and videos. In addition, you can share a map with your location or contact details.

Finally, the emoticons are a fundamental and part of the most popular discussions of WhatsApp.

How does it work?

To take advantage of WhatsApp Messenger is missing that both you and the receiver have the application installed. Once you install the app on your phone, you can see which of your contacts using WhatsApp and begin to talk to them.

The most widely used, do the best?

That WhatsApp Messenger is the best in its category is more than debatable. Perhaps it is not, have interesting options that do not exist in WhatsApp Messenger apps like LINE or Spotbros .

However, the strong point of WhatsApp Messenger is its great popularity. In implementation of its characteristics, it is essential that users will adopt it and therefore WhatsApp is still the number one.

A success story

There are similar, even better applications. But WhatsApp is the example of an application that has managed to reach the public and provide an interesting effectively.

News: designed for iOS 7

The most recent version of WhatsApp Messenger finally integrates iOS 7 design principles. The user interface is more elegant, thanks to the use of the characteristic of the latest version of iOS white and blue color scheme. The keyboard of the app also changed to the iOS 7.

Other improvements to WhatsApp Messenger 2.11.5 are new feature send a global message to multiple contacts, new alerts and sounds for notifications, and the possibility of crop an image before sending it. There are also improvements in the function share location.

  • Allows you to send photos, video and audio
  • Cross-platform
  • Free sending of short messages
  • Groups up to 30 people
  • Only works between phones with the application installed

WhatsApp Messenger screenshots and videos

WhatsApp Messenger reviews


You pay nothing: Hello compañ[email protected] if not you have tarifa flat do not worry because it is totally free and not pagareis anything for messages, videos and photographs that always send and when you have disconnected mobile data mobile, the iPhone becomes follows. Is it going to settings, General, network and where it makes mobile data is disconnected, and already you do not pagareis nothing at all by what you send, but you will only see what you have submitted when conecteis to a wireless network and to send also needs to be connected to a wifi network. The program is fantastic and very effective


It works fine on iPhone 4s?: If does not work well on iPhone 5, what a 4s? Someone I could inform?


aztualizarla for iphone 5.: iPhone 5 have yet to improve, not going bien.lento and download videos and photos on very few occasions.


Very good tool! Recommended!: Very good! Do you know how I can enlarge the letter when I'm writing? I already have it in giant but the writing becomes to small. Thank you!


Perfect to exchange messages for free: As luxury as long as the other contacts in your phonebook has the same application. The system is the same one that when you receive a message, only that instead of alert you of ¨mensajes¨ alerts you of the application. With respect to it if there are problems in data consumption I read here, because if you're at home you do is put the Wifi and the phone out of red(en Iphone ¨modo avión¨) and thus short connection your operator, and mobile only wifi Strip...Another option would be to disable the 3G, but I'm not sure if that option it strain some minimum data...It is best to remove the network.


A great sms sender: A great free sms sender, takes up little space, at the time you have to pay little.


the application better created for communication between persons free of charge: very good to communicate unless take out us eyes gorgeous...


Very good.: I agree, it is the future, in conjunction with other applications such as skype, viper, tango, you get cheaper for data than voice. To go to the movies cinesa has public wifi, and so many more sites. Another thing, if you have 3 g enabled, not can have also activated wifi, or one thing or the other, since both are large consumers of battery.


Gemma: I have it installed but not be if when I use it connects via wifi or 3 G, and the truth I would like to know how to put that you only use wifi because I have not enabled internet rate and I don't want surprises on the invoice for month-end. Does anyone know how to do it?


Very good!: I live in Spain and communicate with my brother of argentina. It is very useful!, but should you only if you have internet Flatrate, because connected by wifi and data, so I care!


Dekuin: Hi, I watched the show in friends who has Iphone and is fine, but I would like to ask whether it is valid in Palm Pre. Thanks a lot


His Excellency: It is the best app that have invented clear once you have wifi as minimum can be used to any part of the world thank you for your input...But it doesn't work with windows mobile 6.1


The current version of WhatsApp does not run on the Iphone 3G: Change the title please, this WhatsApp no longer works on the 3 G Iphone, since this model carries the version of iOs 4.2 and this WhatsApp requires 4.3. Apple forces you to change your phone.


whatsapp for iphone 3 4.2.1: This version I cannot iphone 4.2.1. Where can I find a version of WAPP compatible with my iphone.



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