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Xender is an easy and convenient way to transfer files from your phone to another phone or your computer, wirelessly and quickly.

Share what you want

Xender is an app designed to share the documents, pictures, music and videos from your smartphone or tablet to another or to a PC. It is ideal to have everything at hand without having to plug anything anywhere nio do classical folly send us an email.

Xender files can be shared between 4 devices, which is ideal, for example, to share files with your family or friends.

How does this, by Bluetooth?

Many file transfer apps force you to connect to Bluetooth. Xander is much simpler: the app creates a specific transfer wifi connection, that does not waste your rate data and transfer files at full speed. Looks like magic, but it is not, simply is the intelligent use of the technologies that we have near.

Another positive point of Xender is that you can transfer files in any format and no size limit, ideal for sharing long videos or whole disks!

Xender works on any platform, and while in iOS and Android have to install the app on Windows and Mac have to download anything: just to come to your website.

Quick and effective

Xender is a very viable option to transfer files of any size between gadgets. It is not only effective, but does not consume your data rate.

  • Fast and safe transfer
  • Ease of use
  • Unlimited sizes or formats
  • Does not consume your data rate
  • Sometimes the app restarts

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Sharing from the PC to your mobile phone without cables

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