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Your Battery Level is a fun customizable battery that displays information about the status of the battery in the lock and home screens.

What does special Your Battery level?

Your Battery Level allows you to add a battery indicator as an dynamic icon and/or lock screen.

Maybe Your Battery level is that it allows you to choose how you want to display the information from the battery. You can choose between several and fun themes indicator of battery, lock screen for both the dynamic icon. You can get a preview of each one to see how it changes depending on the amount of charge remaining.

There is a lot of indicators that you can Customize, including variations in the level, the colors, the source and edges. Unfortunately, Your Battery Level does not allow you to create your own based on your own photos or images, and currently there are only four themes available in the application.

Issues in Your Battery Level is based on a design of brick, and the idea is that the bricks disappear or change color depending on the amount of charge remaining in the battery of the device.

Setting it up

Thanks to the useful tutorials that accompany the application, Your Battery Level is quite simple to set up, although it is true that a few seconds pass before that changes that you make are applied to your home screen or lock screen.

When you click on the indicator to open Your Battery Level, have access to phone settings in Windows that will help you to make your battery last longer (Bluetooth, WiFi, sparing battery, airplane mode, etc.) The application will also tell you how much time remains until the battery goes out.

A brilliant way to check your battery

Your Battery Level offers fun and visually check your battery with an indicator that you can customize to your liking.

  • Customizable battery indicators
  • Indicators on the home and lock screen
  • Battery indicators to visually attractive designs
  • You may not use your own images as subjects of the indicators

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The battery of your Windows Phone, under control

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