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Esunoka YouTube is a not official YouTube for Windows Phone client that allows you to quickly access the enormous variety of videos available online.

YouTube for devices... and just a little more

Unfortunately, the Esunoka YouTube app isn't much more than a link to the website for YouTube devices and almost all the functions of this application are found on the website. You can search for videos, visit channels, edit and create playlists, and manage your account data.

Unlike client official YouTube for Windows Phone from Microsoft, there is no "Download to see off" function. Also integrates with Live Tile. If you want to add channels and playlists to your homescreen, Metrotube is a better option.

It is important to note that this application YouTube it does not have the option to upload videos, so there is no way to record a video with your mobile phone and upload it to YouTube through the application.

What does special?

The most important difference between this YouTube app and the version for devices of the web page is a shortcut menu that includes shortcuts to the most popular videos, live channels and your own videos. These functions are available on the website, but using them is not so simple.

The YouTube app user experience is in general quite good, thanks to well placed menus, and you won't have any problems interacting with the interface. However, it is not really optimized for Windows Phone and doesn't behave as you would a Windows Phone application interface.

What is worse, the design of the application menu has some errors. The names of the buttons at the bottom of the menu are wrong and do not describe its real functions.

Our opinion

As a replacement for an official YouTube for Windows Phone application, the implementation of Esunoka is a Quick and easy solution. On the other hand, more than a Windows Phone application, is a link to the website of YouTube for mobile devices!

  • Easy to use
  • Many ways to search and browse for videos
  • It allows you to manage playlists
  • The user interface is not optimized for the Windows Phone style
  • It does not allow to upload videos
  • Buttons with incorrect names

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